MAKER SPACES – the Key to Innovation



Makerspaces are creative spaces located in communities, schools, and public and academic libraries. These areas are designed to engage participants in hands-on activities that teach twenty-first-century skills. The emphasis in makerspaces is placed upon educating students in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects as well as digital and information literacy.

This link has some wonderful resources for learners and learning enablers and worth a look.

Why Makerspaces Are the Key to Innovation

From - January 20, 12:23 PM

According to Kylie Peppler and Sophia Bender in their article, Maker movement spreads innovation one project at a time, the focus of makerspaces is hands-on learning, “A hallmark of the maker movement is its do-it-yourself (or do-it-with-others) mindset that brings together individuals around a range of activities, including textile craft, robotics, cooking, wood-crafts, electronics, digital fabrication, mechanical repair, or creation — in short, making nearly anything.” This focus on hands-on creative learning is one of the reasons why makerspaces are seen by educators as being a key to innovation and an ideal method for equipping students to succeed in the future.



Resourcing a Junior Makerspace – TinkeringChild

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Great ideas and resources for Primary level Makerspaces