Summer and Winter house

An aging and termite riddled dwelling had been the family home for 2 generations.  The extension transforms the small and weary cottage to a contemporary and flexible living space with warmth and an abundance of natural light and ventilation.   With changing moods and cycles of light and season, the different spaces respond with enclosure or openness, intimacy or party, peacefulness or activity.  The new main living space turns to face north and the spacious backyard.  The hearth with the double fronted wood burning heater is the heart of the completed dwelling linking the old and the new.  The front fence and courtyard/spa area buffer the indoor living zones from the noise of the trains across the road without being anti-social.  As the old turns inward, warding off the weather, the new opens to the north, the sun, the breezes and responds – the old and new working together; spaces for summer and winter.




David Kilpatrick
Mark Moss Homes Pty Ltd
Marion, SA
Nigel Hallett and Assoc.